20x16" abstract acrylic on canvas painting


I used to think my hands were nice looking; my nail beds are long enough for cute art and I'm always complimented whenever I go in for a manicure, I can skip a key or two on the piano with ease, and I can even palm a basketball, despite barely knowing how to play the game.

 But I was always bullied for my hands growing up. So much so that I found myself hiding them in selfies, refusing to compare hands with my classmates, and even going so far as to hold my camera close to my canvas when creating social media content so to keep them out of view. 

I'd pushed those painful memories down for as long as I could, but I knew I needed to heal that part of me in order to grow. So, I created Manish as a form of healing an inner child wound while also unlocking a happy memory of one of my favorite hobbies as a little girl; finger painting.

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